Bath Kettlebell Bootcamp Testimonials

The below before and after photos are testament to what Bath Kettlebell Training and its programme, nutrition and lifestyle support can do for you! Take a look at the stories and photos below, Bath people just like you who needed help, needed a change, needed to take that all important first step back on to the road to health.

Rhiannon joined Bath Kettlebell Training Programme because she wanted to get fitter and healthier for herself, in particular before her wedding. Rhiannon had tried many gym memberships, bootcamps and exercises DVDs before, and Bath Kettlebell Training was by far the most effective and enjoyable thing she had ever done. On her wedding day in June she said that she felt fantastic. So much so Rhiannon cancelled her gym membership and now only attends Bath Kettlebell Training!

When I first went to Bath Kettlebell Training I really did not know what to expect. I was very over weight, had not exercised seriously for a few years and my fitness was very poor. I was very nervous, but Jamie’s clear instructions and the fun way in which he teaches makes each session challenging but immensely enjoyable. In the first four weeks I lost a stone! Over the next three months I lost a further stone and my general fitness soared. More importantly, my overall health, mental and physical is better than ever, I have more energy and now am able to take my fitness journey to another level.

Karen lost over 3 stone and 15lbs of fat in her first 4 week of the programme! Karen still regularly attends training and loves the sessions and how she feels after them!

Sean came to Bath Kettlebell Training originally because he was fed up of being unfit and feeling really unhealthy. Sean knew he needed to change his lifestyle, ditch the week day drinking and the takeaways. Sean decided to take the plunge and sign up to a 4 week programme and still says it was the best decision for his health that he as ever made! Over a 12 week period Sean lost 35lbs of body fat (2.5 stones!) and over 7 inches around his waist!

Kelly started Bath Kettlebell Training with the main aim of losing weight before going on holiday later in the year. Kelly ended up losing 2 dress sizes in time for her dream holiday to Australia!

Gary attended the second ever 4 week Bath Kettlebell Programme back in 2009! Gary had been a member of a gym and had been training regularly for 3 years with no real difference in his weight and body shape. In total Gary lost over 4 stone in his time at Bath Kettlebell Training and he said the difference, apart from training with kettlebells was the help and support with the nutrition side of things that really made a difference for him! Since his transformation Gary had completed many 10Km races and even a couple of half marathons!

We helped Chris lose all over 2 stone and work on his muscular endurance and strength before he competed (and finished!) the London Marathon!

Bath Kettlebell Traininig helped Jo lose all her baby weight after starting a family, superb effort Jo!

 This transformation picture is of Chris (founder of Bath kettlebell Training). In 2009 Chris seriously injured his back and had to have surgery. After 18 months of not being able to train, rehab & physio Chris found himself feeling very out of shape compared to before getting injured. Chris decided to follow the same principles that Bath Kettlebell Training clients follow with training and nutrition and within 13 weeks Chris had lost over 17lbs of fat, gained muscle and lost 4 inches from his waist!

Clare joined Bath Kettlebell Training as she had heard of the fantastic results clients were getting, as you can see the pictures speak for themselves!

After having kids Nikki found herself overweight and unhappy with her current fitness levels. Again Bath Kettlebell Training was able to help Nikki lose a shed load of body fat and regain her health!

Christine joined Bath Kettlebell Training in January as a new years resolution, she lost over 1 stone in body fat in her first 4 weeks and carried on losing until she hit her goal weight. Christine regularly attends if she feels she is getting ‘a little flabby’ and needs a ‘kick up the backside’ pre holiday!


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