“I joined BKB January 2014 when I moved to Bath. I used to do three sessions a week, however, once I had my daughter at the end of 2017 and then went back to work full time I struggled some months to even get to two sessions in. This was gutting as I’d actually found a fitness group I loved going to and a love for Kettlebell’s.
Move on to March 2020 and Covid-19 hits which means we started doing the sessions via Zoom. A major result for me as I can now do 3/4 sessions per week. I’m lifting heavier kettlebells, and I can feel myself getting stronger mentally and physically.
Jamie is great, he’s supportive and encouraging; knows when to push you and makes you challenge yourself. He has always checked in to see if your ok when you’ve missed a session and there to support when needed.
I still miss seeing everyone at the classes as we’re more of a KB family. However, to suit my lifestyle commitments I would love to continue doing some via Zoom in the future.”

Cathy – Cornwall

“Jamie’s Bath Kettlebell Bootcamp classes are fantastic! I came across the online classes by chance and have loved every minute of them. Having done lots of exercise over last 20 years this has been by far the most enjoyable and results driven. Within 4 weeks I have seen incredible results in both muscle definition and weigh loss. I started with a 4kg dumbbell and within 3 months I was up to a 14kg kettlebell! Jamie has a great personality and very motivating. Excellent instruction and attention to form and technique that is always delivered in a supportive and enthusiastic way. I have liked the fact that there are always modifications for what ever level your at and challenges if your up for it. Very unpretentious and down to earth with a friendly class group. As part of the membership I have been able to access first class nutrition and weight management advice along with 100’s of delicious recipes and different meal plans. This has really helped me stay on track and think more about varying my diet. It’s all definitely worth trying!”

Gillian – Glasgow

“I have been going to Jamie’s classes for a while now. The workouts are challenging and they work for all levels so nobody should be concerned about attending. He helps everybody with their technique to avoid injury and makes every session fun. If you want to see results and enjoy your workouts, get along to the Bath Kettlebell Bootcamp.”

Roger Morley – Bath