What We Do

What is Bath Kettlebell Training?

Bath Kettlebell Training was put together to help local Bath residents change their lifestyles for the better.

Bath Kettlebell Training will not only help you lose weight, unwanted body fat and super charge your fitness. It will give you the tools you need to go away and maintain these things on your own!

Bath Kettlebell Training will help you in three KEY areas, training, nutrition & lifestyle.


You will get 3 training sessions per week, 12 total over the 4 weeks. The sessions are focused with regard to fat loss, fitness & getting that lean, toned look! The sessions get progressively more challenging from weeks one through to week four, but don’t worry, workouts are scalable meaning that any fitness level can take part. We have complete beginners right through to people on their 8th year of bootcamp! The thing to remember is that everyone (even the super fit!) started somewhere. The other members of Bath Kettlebell Training are all friendly and welcoming, looking to hit goals, lose weight and get fit, just like you!

In the sessions you will learn exactly how you should train for optimal results, so that after your bootcamp you won’t waste any more time in the gym, you will know what works and will be able to maintain and surpass your already awesome results!



To be absolutely honest this is where clients need the most help,. There is so much mis-information with regard nutrition out there it is hard to know what is actually truly healthy and good for us. Bath Kettlebell Training nutrition is all about eating to promote weight loss using a CALORIE DEFICIT. We need to burn more calories than we consume to lose weight. In order to maintain the same weight, we need to consume the same amount of calories that we burn. And in order to add weight we need to consume more than we burn.

We will help you calculate the amount of calories you will need to reach your desired goal.

At Bath Kettlebell Training we don’t believe in starvation diets. We believe in eating food, not resorting to meal shakes, diet drinks etc etc Life is about balance and enjoying your favourite foods, but within a balanced approach. With just a few small changes you can easily achieve your goals such as: increased water intake, 1 less coffee a day, more sleep, smaller portion sizes, understanding calories in a buger compared to a massive chicken salad. Learning how to cook more a filling meal rather than a calories dense meal. We have 4 cook books to help you along the way.


Are you stressed? Do you sleep less than 7-8 hours a night? Are your nutritional choices poor (be honest!)? Do you drink alcohol more often than not? Do you exercise regularly? If the answer to any of those questions is no then your lifestyle needs adjusting!

At Bath Kettlebell Bootcamp we will help you with all these things. Of course you get the training, of course you get the nutritional support, but the thing that really, really makes a difference to your lasting results is the support and coaching you will receive. Daily coaching emails and a coach at the end of an email/phone will keep you on track, focused and smashing goals!

Sarah totally transformed her body & life with Bath Kettlebell Bootcamp

When is the next Bath Kettlebell Training Programme & where does it take place?

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